Sangria and Salsa Stand

October 1, 2019 by Donna McVey

Summer is a time for relaxing, basking in the sun, and sipping sangria in the company of people you like. So, do it at a place you know you love: Captain’s Walk Winery! Our Sangria and Salsa Saturdays have always been a big hit, and this summer it’s forecasted to be the same!

Come taste our fantastic new recipe for a tart and fruity rosé sangria to be paired with homemade salsa served from our stand out on the front lawn.

Sangria and Salsa

When is the Sangria and Salsa available?

Every Saturday starting June 6th, you’ll be able to find handmade sangria being served between 11 AM and 2 PM.  This event is rain or shine! If there’s a chance of inclement weather we will serve our Sangria & Salsa in our Bistro.

An order from the stand gets you all of the delicious items below:

  • One carafe (one liter) of our Summer Sangria
  • One basket of chips and homemade salsa

This fruit-filled drink we feature is a summer favorite with many and appeals to a variety of palates! With hints of tart fruit, sweet wine, and the classic addition of fresh fruit, you’ll have to taste it for yourself and find out exactly what everyone is so excited about.

Our salsa is also a long-time summer special that changes just enough every year to keep it interesting. What you can expect is a mixture of tomatoes, tomatillos, cilantro, onion, and roasted garlic. What’s our secret ingredient, you ask? We can’t tell you, but you’re welcome to come get some salsa and see if you can figure it out!

From the Downtown Green Bay Farmer’s Market to Captain’s Walk, it’s an easy hop, skip, and jump from browsing, to relaxing, on Saturday mornings. Join the Captain, and raise a glass to summer!

Sangria Saturdays

June 25, 2015 by Brad Schmiling

Sangria and Sals

You have all of the rest of the year to get work done, and Sangria Saturdays are upon us! Drive or walk over to Captain’s Walk Winery on your way home from the downtown Green Bay Saturday morning Farmers’ Markets for some delicious Sangria. You might be feeling the munchies by the time 11 am. rolls around, so every Saturday from 11-1 pm., June through August, you can purchase a carafe of our Sangria and get free market fresh chips and salsa. We’re making the Saturday Sangria fresh with ingredients from the Washington Street Saturday Farmer’s Market.

Join us at our tiki bar on the front lawn this Sangria Saturday! Be sure to stick around for lunch inside or outside from our very own bistro. Sangria Saturdays are just the appetizer course!

We know that sometimes you need a reason to consume a glass or wine (sangria) early in the day. Here’s a start. Have any to add? Please post them below. The funniest comment (by our standards) will win a meal for two including one tapas, one pizza, and one bottle of wine. We’ll choose one winner from the best posts on July 3, and second on July 10.

1. Family is visiting and you need to take them somewhere.

2. You like our wines.

3. You support local producers (like wineries).

4. You have to take the dog for a walk anyway.

5. You can buy yourself fresh flowers at the market beforehand.

6. Family is visiting and you need to get away from them. You’re ‘just running out for some wine for later’.

7. You have a big work list for the day and don’t really need a reason to procrastinate, but this will work.

8. You have to work in the office downtown Saturday afternoon and coffee just won’t do.

9. You need more fruit in your diet. Fruit in sangria will work. Sangria is made from grapes. Grapes are fruit. All good.

10. Beats exercise in the heat of summer.

11. Beats exercise.

12. It’s a reason to get together with that friend you’ve been neglecting, which means drinking sangria keeps you from neglecting your friend. Drink Sangria to become a better friend.


Value of the free meal and wine to total up to $35.