Door County Cherry Cider Release

April 27, 2017 by Brad Schmiling

Door County Cherry Juice + Kewaunee County Hard Apple Cider + One Brandy Barrel


Three elements of flavor have been combined for a smooth and sweet concoction that’s sure to please: Door County Cherry Juice, hard apple cider made from Kewaunee County apples, and a Brandy Barrel. Partake in our party to celebrate the tapping of these barrels on Thursday, April 27th from 4-7pm.

Enjoy this cider tasting with complimentary appetizers and desserts. Special discounted prices available during the event.


Note the impressions left on our winemaker: This cherry infused hard apple cider was aged in a barrel that previously matured a potent brandy fortified cherry wine. Smooth and delicious, just like a Wisconsin Old Fashioned cocktail. Lightly sweet and effervescent, with bold notes of cherry pie.

The barrel had a long road to get to aging our hard cider. Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cherry Bounce have all taken residence in this particular quartersawn masterpiece (barrel).

Captain’s Walk Limited Release Ciders are experimental batches that allow the taster to experience small, regional flavors. You won’t find these ciders anywhere else. Since our batches are so small, we only serve our hard cider on tap. You can always take home a growler, but they are not available in a bottle or can. That means they haven’t spent time bouncing around on a delivery truck. They are fermented in our cellars and served right upstairs. They’re so fresh, they Door County Cherrydon’t even make it to our tasting guide. They sell out quickly, which is fun for us! We get to consistently create new batches for you to experience.

Craft ciders are quickly becoming a new category. True hard ciders cannot be made by a brewery, so you’ll only find them produced where a winery license is held. That’s us!

If you have been enjoying our hard ciders from the beginning, then we are excited to release this limited batch for you! While visiting, be sure to taste some of our other ciders on tap. No reservations are needed to attend this Thursday night tasting. Simply visit us on April 27th from 4 to 7 pm. Anticipate enjoying light appetizers and desserts.

We look forward to sharing the evening with you!

Rosé Awards Won by Captain’s Walk Winery with Door County Grapes

April 10, 2015 by Brad Schmiling

Rosé Awards

Green Bay Winery Wins Rosé Awards with Door County Grapes

Captain’s Walk Winery brought home two silver medals at the 2015 Rosé Awards Competition at SIMI Winery in Healdsburg, CA. The 2014 Marquette Rosé is a first of its kind. Made from dark-skinned red Marquette grapes, it entices the palate with sweet and tangy strawberry flavors. This grape has been grown locally in Door County at the Stony Creek Vineyard since 2006. It is a cold-hardy variety that buds early in the season. Developed at the University of Minnesota, this grandchild of Pinot Noir is a complex hybrid. It boasts aromas of Black currant, cherry, and spice which is excellent for rosés and medium-bodied dry reds.

The judges also awarded a silver medal to Captain’s Walk 7 Seas. This wine is made from seven American grown grapes, one-third of which are Marechal Foch, grown at Stony Creek Vineyard in Door County since 1998. This one-of-a-kind wine tantalizes with hints of pear and apple aromas.

The 2015 Rosé Awards Competition was held on March 25, with wines from 19 states judged in the blind competition. Recognizing the importance of the growing Rosé category, this competition was judged by prestigious wine judges from around the country.