Wine with chocolate and fruit plateWhich came first, the chocolate or the wine?  If you’re anything like us, your history with both pleasures simply goes back too far to remember.  Wine and chocolate are hands down two of the greatest pleasures in life; when paired together properly, the experience can be out of this world.  Captain’s Walk Winery has paired the enjoyment of chocolate and wine with the experience of shopping at a feel-good spa and beach shack boutique.

Captain’s Walk Winery has brought the boutique to you!  Sweet Mana Boutique will be here on Wednesday September 26th from 3:00 pm – 7:00pm.  While you’re at the Winery, enjoy our special wine and truffle pairing.

  • $15 Wine & Truffle Pairing – 3 2oz. flights of our beautiful wines paired with gourmet truffles.
  • 10% off all Captain’s Walk purchases.

Wine and Chocolate pairings are a fun, creative way to enjoy delicious complimentary flavors.  Savor the perfect piece of chocolate – melting in your mouth then sipping a fine vintage.

In order to help prepare for this lovely event, we thought it’s best to share some of the basics regrading a wine and chocolate pairing.

Basics of Wine and Chocolate Pairings

The most basic rule is to try to match the sweetness of the wine with the chocolate.  Choose wines that are not too dry if possible (unless you are pairing with dark chocolate).  Darker chocolates pair well with robust wines. Ultimately, the key to a successful chocolate and wine pairing is having the two compliment one another.

Equally important, is to enjoy the pairing slowly. We recommend first enjoying a taste the wine, then ask you to clear your palate, then taste the chocolate.  Once you have tried each separately then taste them slowly together, wine then chocolate and repeat.  Let the pairings coat your mouth completely so that you can taste the amplified flavors.