Enjoy our Green Bay wine tasting by the glass. Click here to see our current Wine Tasting List which includes Regular & Select Wines. Sample seven wines per person: $3 (Regular Tasting) and $5 (Select Tasting).

Food Menu Items

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Green Bay Wine Tasting Menu (by the Glass)

$9.00 Cabernet Sauvignon
$6.00 Captain’s Red
$6.00 Captain’s White
$7.00 Chardonnay
$8.00 Disappearing Treasure
$6.00 Gewurztraminer
$6.00 Marquette Rosé
$7.00 Merlot
$6.00 Riesling
$7.00 Sangiovese
$6.00 Sauvignon Blanc
$6.00 7 Seas
$6.00 Titletown
$6.00 von Stiehl Naughty Girl
$14.00 Captain’s Mistress

Hard Ciders

$3.00 Six ounce glass

Ahnapee Beer

$5.00 Pint